talent management services

Talent Management Services

Talent Bank is a new type of service for our Clients developed to assist you in situations where you need to plan your future workforce ahead of time.

The HR function is essential in putting the right talent in the right place to execute business strategy. Nowadays, HR managers are being asked to do more than just provide support services — their task is now to enable business outcomes and drive improvements in performance, develop capabilities in recruiting, workforce planning, performance management, employee engagement and retention.
At Grafton, we understand that companies face a shortage of skilled workers, a problem that will only grow in future. In this environment, attracting and retaining talent has become a fundamental key to remaining or becoming a competitive business. The current reality is that people do not apply for jobs; they want us to find them. Our role is to work with you to ensure that the talent you want is available when you need it.


Access to a wide portfolio of talent in the region (We interview over 5,200 candidates per month in Grafton Europe across public or private sectors).
Dedicated Key Account Manager who will manage the Talent Bank for you as well as a group of recruiters from different countries responsible for providing you with a suitable talent pool.

Regular updates on the status of the Talent Bank.

  • Regular reporting - monthly, weekly about candidates and their status
  • Presenting TOP candidates from Talent Bank
  • Reporting on KPIs

Regular contact with the identified candidates in the talent bank, keeping candidates informed about your company and its need (newsletters, marketing material, LinkedIn groups, regular communication with candidates, referrals). We will advertise vacancies on all of our digital channels and local job portals in Slovakioa, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Lithuania.
Specially prepared advertisement campaigns and candidate sourcing strategy, including national and international attraction programmes.


We use our unparalleled local knowledge to investigate the market looking for the top talent for a particular role or roles during a specified time period. We will identify, interview, and evaluate people deemed to be the best in their industry or specialization and present them to you on a continuous basis.


Our Talent Bank service builds a talent pool of ideal candidates, keeping them “warm” over a defined period of time for your access. This enables you to plan and mobilize a skilled workforce over the medium to long-term for specific projects and is an ideal service for the creation of new departments or staffing entire new facilities.


Our Talent Bank communication programme ensures that your dedicated pool of candidates sees you as an employer of choice, we will work with your HR and Marketing Department to ensure that your employee proposition is clearly communicated to your talent target market.


  • allows you to tap into future talent pools
  • provides a constantly updated pipeline of the best talent on the market
  • allows you to plan resourcing for major projects well in advance
  • addresses the needs of your workforce planning analysis
  • shortens the time to hire process
  • provides market intelligence on the availability and motivations of the best people on the market