So you have your diploma in hand, what now

Are you a fresh graduate? Congratulations! But now what? Before you begin obtaining experience and seeking a job, ask yourself several important questions. The answers will help you realise what you are looking for.

These are actually simple questions and they concern your plans and preferences:

  • What are your professional and personal interests?
  • What type of company or institution do you prefer (large, small, family, foreign, etc.) and what type of employer would suit you?
  • How important is if for you to be employed within a specific region and what job opportunities does this provide you?
  • Do you feel capable of establishing a business?
  • Are you interested in working abroad?
  • And what are you willing to sacrifice for your career?

Most potential employers will be much more interested in your opinions, experience and willingness to work than your school results. In most market segments the same applies to your field of specialisation during your studies – you will not be the first or the last to establish a career in an area you discovered an interest in only after finishing school.