Authorities, fees and forms

Authorities, fees and forms

Authorities, fees and forms

If you have been unable to find a job while still studying, you will have visit the authorities as well as try to find a job after you graduate. Do you know which institutions you have to visit and which documents and confirmations to take with you? This is a brief guide to the duties of a fresh secondary school or university graduate.


Students cease being school students the day after they successfully pass their school leaving examination (maturita). They can enjoy the summer holidays in peace and comfort even if they do not intend to continue studying after obtaining their school leaving examination. The school year ends on 31 August and the state pays a student’s health insurance until that date. Either the school graduate or his new employer is required to pay his health insurance from 1 September. Or the graduate can register with an employment office and the state will pay his health insurance for him. Another option is to pay your health insurance yourself, as a person without taxable income. At present (February 2015) this means paying the sum of CZK 1,242 per month.
Secondary school graduates can register for a job with an employment office practically immediately after passing their school leaving examination. However, they should do so within three working days after the end of the school year at the latest. Applicants are entered in the records of job applicants the following day. It is important to know that registration with an employment office is not compulsory, but it is advantageous in many aspects. It gives graduates a better chance to find a job and they are not required to register with a health insurance company and pay their premiums.


University studies finish exactly 30 days after a graduate passes his state examination – so if you pass the prescribed final state examination on 10 June, your student period ends on 10 July. Like secondary school graduates, university graduates should also register with an employment office within three days after expiration of their classification as a student. They are immediately entered in the job applicant system and the state pays their health insurance on their behalf.
Neither students, secondary school graduates or university graduates who are not engaged in gainful activities, are required to pay social security premiums, but they must be aware that this period will be reflected when the value of their old-age pension is calculated at a later date. However, you can  participate in pension insurance by means of voluntary pension insurance, which (February 2015) means payment of a minimum of CZK 1,894.
Any school graduate carrying out gainful activities is required to pay social security. If he/she finds employment, his/her employer pays social security on his/her behalf. As an entrepreneur or other self-employed individual he/she is required to pay social security himself/herself.


It is important to know that even if a secondary school or university student decides to register with an employment office, he/she is not automatically entitled to unemployment benefits. To receive unemployment benefits you must provide evidence that you have participated in the pension insurance system for at least 12 months over the last 2 years, during which time employment does not include agreements to complete a job of a value of less than CZK 10,000, fees for authoring papers or various occasional temporary work. Applicants who are not eligible for unemployment benefits can apply for social care benefits.

Practical information

Graduates register with the employment office at their permanent place of residence and need the following documents to settle their affairs:
•    Valid citizen’s identification card
•    Confirmation of completion of studies (study period)
•    School leaving examination certificate, diploma (after graduation)