Temporary Assignment Job

Temporary Assignment Job

Temporary Assignment Job

What does a Temporary Assignment Job actually mean?

A temporary assignment is a flexible form of employment, based on which an employee is assigned  to another, so called “User” employer. The time of this assignment is limited. Temporary assignment of employees to this user employer (User) may be carried out by a recruitment agency based on authorisation issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Working conditions, including wages, and conditions of employment of temporarily allocated employees must be at least equally propitious as in the case of a comparable employee of the User employer. This means that in comparison to the regular staff of the user employer, an employee taken on in such a manner must not be treated differently.


A Triangle of Relations

Temporary assignment is therefore created by labour-law relations between recruitment agencies and employees, further by an agreement on temporary assignment entered into by the recruitment agency and the User. Temporary assignment is stipulated by the Labour Code in Articles 307-309.

The employer (Grafton) is bound to discharge all duties arising from the employment agreement entered into with the employee, in particular to pay out wages to the employee, refund wages, travel expenses, holidays and to pay social and health insurance for the employee. 

TIP: Do you know legal language? It is better for you to learn what must be included in your employment agreement  with the agency.

Within the bounds of temporary assignment a triangle of relations is created among Grafton (employer), the User employer and the employee. In the scope of the given relations, Grafton as a direct employer has rights and duties in relation to the employee.


Rights and obligations of the employer

The agency of temporary employment, or Grafton - in our case, is the real employer. The rights and duties of the employer include:

  • entering into an employment agreement with the employee (incl. procure medical check for the employee,  OHS training, document archival training, explaining the Labour Code, etc.);
  • registering the employee at a health and social insurance company and paying all transfers set by law;
  • answering an questions the employee may have related to the employment relationship, and help him/ her deal with any situation and problem occurring at work.

In relation to wages, the agency of temporary employment must:

  • process and pay out wages to the employee monthly, and respect payday dates;
  • give the employee a payroll every month;
  • provide the employee with monthly luncheon vouchers, if he/she is entitled to them;
  • if an employee has entered into the complementary pension scheme (2nd pillar), the agency is obliged to reflect this in the employee’s monthly wage; 
  • in case a court has ordered any deductions from payroll of a particular employee, the agency is obliged to deduct them from the employee's payroll and to transfer them to the stipulated bank account. The deductions can be carried out on basis of relevant credentials;
  • at the request of the employee provide him/her with confirmation of his/her wage to serve any purpose (loan, consumer credit, building loan, mortgage, labour exchange, etc.);
  • issue a confirmation of wage and credit certificate and submit it to the employee after the employment has been terminated.

Where To Look for Job Offers

Current job offers are announced by the actual agency providing temporary jobs. Have a look at summer job and temporary assignment offers directly on our web page.