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RECRUITING MANAGER SLOVAKIA (only for the bold ones)

Lokalita Bratislavský kraj
Typ Práce Trvalý pracovný pomer
Publikované viac ako rokom
Kontakt Henčová Daniela
Ref. Č. 24392

Popis Práce

In the Grafton agency I am searching for HR Talents for our clients. ,,What have I discovered so far?“ you may ask. Well, many HR People are seeking human contact, they want to make strategic decisions, but only few of them has the courage and endurance to go through with everything that this job implies.

For the position of RECRUITING MANAGER we are looking for a Person that will be one of the key partners for slovak branch of an international company. This person will – based on many years of experience - support the Line-Managers in the selection process of new team members that are to help the company on the way to its goals. This job requires a person aware of the significance that hiring of new, well selected colleagues has for the entire company. Simultaneously, this job requires a person able to assertively present his view on the labor market to the Line-Managers mentioned earlier, which is not always easy (on the other hand, its not their job to know the market from this perspective).

For the position of RECRUITING MANAGER we are looking for a Manager that will be a leader to the team of Senior Recruiters, Recruiters and last but not least Recruit Coordinators. The job is not only to lead them in the decision making process of everyday tasks, but to be capable of individual approach to each and every team member, to identify their individual pros as well as their cons and also to lead them out of their comfort zone. This responsibility requires a person that is a professional and is able to earn the trust of ,,his squad“ and has the capability to filter out the pressure that the Top Management puts on his team.

Last but not least, for the position of the RECRUITING MANAGER we are looking for a Recruiter that finds joy in the recruitment process, that has mastered the technique of candidate selection, that keeps up with the latest trends and generates new strategies, which his team will help him implement.


I will be more than happy to meet candidates that fulfill the following criteria:
  • Minimum 5 years experience with recruitment
  • Experience with direct team leadership
  • Ability to take responsibility for his own decisions
  • Ability to defend as well as sustain his team
  • Capability to build not only individual relationships but also team spirit
  • Visionary skills with the persistance to turn the visions into reality
  • Capability to create a personal brand (of himself and of the division as such


The company offers extensive benefits, as only a big corporation does.

However, the major benefit of this role are the possibilities that come with it. The possibility to work with a highly professional team of recruiters with unique personalities, but having one thing in common – hard work. The possibility to actively contribute to company´s output by having the power to decide in the employee selection process new and not only ,,forward CV to managers“. The possibility to identifiy one´s own border lines and ultimately to shift them and take them one step further. The possibility to grow professionally and personally within a company that is - inspite of it´s size - incredibly flexible in terms of new career possibilities and progress.

If you managed to read your way through this and you enjoyed doing so, the only thing left is to send us your CV.

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