Salary Guide 2022

Let us introduce to you the next edition of our Salary Survey, which provides the most extensive overview and comparison
of current wages in individual segments of the labour market for all regions of Slovakia. At the same time, you
will learn what factors influence the development of wages this year and why incomes do not grow as fast as inflation.
The Survey was conducted during the 3rd quarter of 2022 in 8 regions of the Slovak Republic and includes more
than 250 job positions in 7 basic segments of the labour market. The presented data is mainly based on the starting
salaries of applicants to whom we have provided employment, and also the requirements of companies looking for
employees. Wage data are presented as the usual monthly gross wage in euros, including variable components.

Salary Guide

We provide surveys only to our current or future clients (business companies) and that in printed form. The electronic version is not available and cannot be sent by e-mail.

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