Jobs in the field of finance and banking – developments, trends and salaries

Jobs in the field of finance and banking – developments, trends and salaries

Over the past two years the banking and finance sector has been stable in relation to job offers. Employers are mainly concentrating on finding quality candidates for the positions of interdependent accountant, financial analyst and manager, and also on how to make the position of personal banker more attractive in order to reduce fluctuation.

Situation in the sector

A large number of people are attracted to jobs in the financial sector because they consider these jobs to be stable and to offer the opportunity for above-standard salaries. Demand is still high for candidates who speak English or other languages such as German, French, Italian, Dutch or the Nordic languages, for example. 

According to the Grafton Recruitment Company’s data, there has been a persistent increase in demand for candidates for the positions of independent accountant with foreign language skills over the past few years. Candidates with excellent English language skills can expect job offers with salaries of up to CZK 10,000 more than those with the same experience without foreign language skills. 

There is also continued interest in candidates for the position of payroll accountant, again with the requirement of English language skills, which are practically essential nowadays. 

Other attractive positions due to the variety of companies on the Czech market are financial analysts and controllers.  So-called “starting” positions offer candidates the attractive opportunity to grow to managerial level and particularly the opportunity to learn new things and continue your education in this sector. 

The field of audits differentiates candidates on the basis of their experience and education, which means certification is required. Every company seeks specific experts and so it is sometimes very difficult to find the right candidate. 

The employment market requires high-quality candidates and it repays them by offering flexible working hours or investments into further education. Candidates can expect certainty and good facilities if they are loyal to their company.

Demand by employers

  • There is persistent demand for independent accountants with English language skills
  • There is frequent emphasis on a university education, specialising in economics if possible
  • If this concerns a specialised position, any additional education in the sector the candidate can offer is of importance (certificates, licences and others)
  • The ability to process large volumes of data, present your analytical skills and a through knowledge of Excel – is welcome

TOP positions offered with Grafton Recruitment Agency

  • Accountant
  • Payroll accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial controller
  • Financial Director, CFO
  • Personal banker

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