Jobs in production and operations – developments, trends and salaries

Jobs in production and operations – developments, trends and salaries

A career in production and operations has very good prospects following the recent economic upswing. Employers are seeking technically capable workers as managers and to fill specialist positions and are willing to offer excellent compensation. Take a look at the situation for workers in production and operations and what graduates of technological and production sectors should expect.

Number of graduates in technological branches

  • In the Czech Republic, the most prevalent production sectors are the chemical, machine engineering (automotive), food and metallurgical industries.
  • University students of machine engineering, metalworking and metallurgy dominate the technical sciences, with approximately 12,000 students in 2013, they are followed by students of electrical engineering and power engineering (7,800), students of electronics and automation (5,200) and students of chemical production (1,600), of which approximately 700 graduated in the same year.
  • The food industry is most popular in the Production sector with 2,600 students, followed by mining and extraction (970), textiles, apparel and footwear (1,000) and finally materials production and processing (wood, paper, plastics and glass).
  • The trend indicates that the ratio of graduates to experts who will retire in the same year is 2:1.
  • The percentage of workers with a vocational education out of overall employees in production and operations has oscillated at around 45% over the past few years. However, employers complain about insufficient manpower with secondary vocational education.

Picture: Development of the available number of vocational trainees during the period between 2001 - 2011:

Secondary schools without a school-leaving certificate in total
SS w/o SC, machine operation, machine engineering, metallurgy
SS w/o SC, electrical engineering, transport communications
SS w/o SC, construction

  • On the lower levels of education, only 120 vocational trainees obtained a vocational certificate in the very desired branch of toolmaker in 2014, compared to 2011 when this number was over 300.
  • With regard to the fact that over 40% of the population works in industry in the Czech Republic, it can be expected that this sector will be continuously supported by the state and more and more qualified workers with a higher and secondary vocational education will be required.

Other technical branches 11.5%
Others 8.5%
Electrical engineering 39.8%
Electronics and trade, legal sciences 28.0%
Machine engineering 11.9%
Structure of university graduates in production and operations, source:  

TOP 5 employers in manufacture and operations

  • TPCA
  • Škoda 
  • Siemens
  • Robert Bosch
  • Hyundai

Demand by employers

  • 43 % of Czech machine engineering companies plan to take on new employees this year. It is estimated that most new employees will be recruited in production and operations in general.
  • Moderately experienced experts in electrical engineering and machine engineering with 3-5 years experience are in greatest demand.  
  • A number of companies also require 1 or more world languages – most often English (required by 87% companies) and German (63% companies). 1/3 of companies require Russian language skills.

TOP 5 positions list by the Grafton Recruitment Agency

  • Technical production preparation manager
  • CNC technician
  • Manufacturing operator
  • Technologist
  • Quality engineer
  • Logistics manager

Development of salaries in production and operations

A survey by the Grafton Recruitment Agency in the field of production and operations revealed a slight rise in salaries, even though some positions registered more significant growth.

  • Compared to last year, CNC programmers in Prague received a raise of up to CZK 10,000 and even by CZK 15,000 in Brno, with salaries reaching a maximum limit of up to CZK 40,000. In comparison, the salaries of CNC technicians remained the same.
  • Quality engineers now receive the best salary in Prague and in České Budějovice, where they also received a year-on-year raise of approximately CZK 5,000. 
  • Workshop managers will make approximately the same as last year this year, but will most probably receive the highest salary in Prague, Zlín or Liberec.
  • Production operators will make approximately CZK 13 – 25,000 across the regions, the same as last year. They will receive higher pay in the area around Prague, Olomouc, Brno and Hradec Králové.

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