Business Services – developments, trends and salaries

Business Services – developments, trends and salaries

The Business Services sector in the Czech Republic is experiencing dynamic growth. Language skills are the required condition necessary to work in this sector. Positions are suitable for graduates, as well as experienced employees.

People employed at the Shared Services Centres in the Czech Republic work for clients from various sectors in many different countries. The Centres provide a large scale of support activities in the fields of Customer Service, HR, Finance, Accounting, Purchasing and Information Technology.

Current status of the sector and its prospects

Shared Services Centres in the Czech Republic are evolving rapidly – new ones are built and the existing ones are expanding their scope of activities. Besides the traditional Shared Services Centres (SSC) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), new Centres are built with focus on Information Technology (IT outsourcing companies – ITOs), as well as Research and Development Centres (R&D) and many more. These facts were confirmed at the annual Managed Services World Conference in March 2015 in London. Czechinvest Agency provided the information.

Competition from Asia has little or no effect, as they are unable to match the advantage of a centralized location of Central Europe. In addition, companies mainly from USA, Great Britain and Germany, which set up Shared Services Centres in theCzech Republic, value local quality employees and their language skills. Another advantage the Czech Republic offers is that work culture is similar to that of multinational companies. The firms in this area of business prefer regions aroundPrague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc and see great potential in other locations such as Pardubice and Hradec Králové.

According to the Czechinvest Agency, the annual World Conference clearly showed the two biggest trends in the field of Shared Services. Single-purpose Shared Services Centres are being converted into multi-purpose centres and regional centres are becoming more global.

Situation in the Czech Republic according to ABSL Industries:

  • more than 150 Shared Services Centres
  • more than 55 000 people employed in SSCs
  • a significant focus on Financial and IT services
  • a growing number of Centres providing HR and Legal services

Grafton Recruitment development prognosis:

Research carried out by Grafton Recruitment in 2014 in Central and Eastern Europe shows that Shared Services Centres is one of the most dynamically growing sectors in the region with a great long-term potential.

Employer demand

  • Vast majority of Shared Services Centres in the Czech Republic is interested in candidates with multi-lingual skills.
  • The need for English and German is dominant, French, Italian and Spanish are also desired, as well as increasingly popular languages such as Dutch, Chinese, Arabic and the Scandinavian languages.
  • According to Executive Director of ABSL, nearly 50% of services is carried out in English, 17% in German and 6% in French.

Business Services salary progression

A growing number of work opportunities in Business Services has resulted in a gradual increase of starting salary rates, wider range of benefits and further education available to new candidates in this sector.

Starting salary rates mainly increased in companies where knowledge of German is required.

Results from the Grafton Recruitment Salary Survey show the current salary conditions:

  • Customer Service Manager with English is in the same salary range as Call Centre Manager, where the maximum salary of 80 000 CZK is only offered in Prague, Ostrava, Olomouc, Zlín and Jihlava.
  • Customer Service Team Leader with English can count on a salary in the range of 30 000 – 50 000 CZK
  • Customer Service Agent with one language without prior experience will receive offers between 16 000 – 18 000 CZK in Jihlava and 25 000 – 28 000 CZK in Prague. The salary rates are based on candidates’ experience and the number of languages they speak, with the maximum at 35 000 CZK in Prague

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